We make getting Sildenafil easy and convenient

Looking for Sildenafil because you’re tired of spending more than $200 to get 4 pills or less?

Is Viagra generic Sildenafil 50mg or Sildenafil 100mg, which costs $40 or more for a pill, too expensive for you?

Then, The Medicine Shoppe of Shillington is the #1 pharmacy in Reading PA, Berks County to get your sildenafil, the safe and low-cost alternative to Viagra® from Pfizer. Our price is $99 for 50 sildenafil 20mg tablets.

It is The Medicine Shoppe’s desire to assist you in reducing your cost and increasing your ability to pay for your ED (erectile dysfunction) medication.

How to get your generic sildenafil 20mg?

  1. Ask your doctor to send us a prescription, OR;
  2. Discrete ONLINE prescription via phone or app from the privacy of your own home. Call 610-465-5050 for more information. (Cost: $50 – No Insurance Required). A doctor will review your medical history.
  3. We call you to verify the information once we get the script.
  4. We send your Sildenafil to your door via USPS.

We can also call your doctor for you. Fill out our Confidential E.D. Patient Form.

Note: This is the FDA-approved generic Revatio® 20mg tablet. The FDA has approved generic Viagra®, but the active ingredient is identical in a different strength.

We CANNOT substitute any prescription (or refill) written for Viagra® without a phone call to your prescriber to get authorization for the following New Rx:
Sildenafil 20mg #50 – Take 2-5 tablets as needed for sexual activity.

Sildenafil vs Viagra®

  • Both Sildenafil and Viagra® (produced and sold by Pfizer) contain similar active ingredients and are widely used to treat E.D. (erectile dysfunction).
  • Sildenafil is medically identical to Viagra® and is sold as a generic drug. Sildenafil is cheaper than Viagra and is more affordable. We have the cheapest alternative to Viagra.

We Make Getting Sildenafil Easy

The Medicine Shoppe of Shillington makes getting Sildenafil easy and painless.

We can call your doctor for you and ask him/her to change your E.D. prescription to Sildenafil so that it is ready for you to fill.

If after hours, fill out our E.D. Patient Contact Form and we will call you back during business hours to confirm before we call your physician.

Frequent Asked Questions for Prescriber (FAQ)

Will this be covered by insurance?
No, insurance doesn’t cover this, it will be a cash prescription.
Is this indicated for Pulmonary Hypertension?
Yes, it is. However, the 20mg of Sildenafil is the only active ingredient in Revatio®, which is also the only active ingredient in Viagra®, just in 50 or 100 mg.
How do I write for this properly?
Take 2-5 tabs one hour prior to sexual activity, maximum of 5 in 24 hrs.
Why do I need to write for a quantity of #50?
This is equal to #10 of Viagra® 100mg. It is sold in this quantity to maximize the savings to the patient and get FREE shipping to their home.
How about Viagra Generic? Isn’t Viagra Generic cheaper now?
Generic Viagra 100mg and 50mg are now available at less than $10 a dose. Visit our Generic Viagra page for more info. The best price is 30 tablets for $250.
Are OTC supplements safer to take for E.D.?
OTC supplements for E.D. are not regulated by the FDA. Some of them may not be safe to consume, while some, such as nitric oxide supplementation, may potentially be beneficial for many with E.D.
Feel free to call us with any questions about your prescription or our services, or stop by our pharmacy located at 101 W Lancaster Avenue, Shillington, PA 19607. One of our professional pharmacists will be very happy to help you.