Covid Vaccine info   

We have the NEW Pfizer and Moderna bivalent Vaccine in stock. Everyone over 12 year old are eligible 2 months after the previous dose. 

COVID Vaccines

*All the vaccines at The Medicine Shoppe of Shillington are administered on Monday through Friday between 10 am and 5:45 pm and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm.
** Pharmacist in Pennsylvania are ONLY authorized to administer the Vaccine to 3 year olds and older. 

Other COVID-19 Services

Other services Descriptions Links Other info.
No Cost At Home Covid Tests Get up to 8 Free OTC COVID Tests through insurance every month. Some restrictions may apply. MOST insurances are covering up to 8 at-home COVID tests per month per family member at no charge.
RT-PCR Test Rapid PCR is a nasal swab test, fully integrated, automated RT-PCR. Accepted by most airlines and travel destinations. Results within an hour. Cost is $150 per test. We cannot bill your insurance company but you may submit your receipt for reimbursement.
Rapid Antigen Test Antigen test is a nasal swab test. Result with in half hour. Accepted by most airlines and travel destinations. Result within half hour. Cost id $70 pet test. We cannot bill your insurance company but you may submit your receipt for reimbursement.
COVID-19 Antibody Test The Antibody test is a rapid test done through a finger stick blood sample that can detect the presence of COVID-19 antibodies in your bloodstream. Result with 15 to 30 minutes. Cost is $39 per test.
Other Vaccines We have following vaccine readily available to be administered. Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles, and Tdap Pneumonia has Prevnar 20 and Pneumovax 23. Shingrix is 2 dose vaccine. Boostrix is brand for Tdap.
Vaccines Replacement Card Request a new replacement card for a fee of $5, or request your record from the Department of Health for Free Get a copy of your record from the Department of Health one of these two ways for FREE: Online or Request by Mail

We are offering all COVID Vaccine’s Monday through Saturday. Moderna and Pfizer bivalent booster shots are available 2 months from latest COVID-19 vaccine. Novavax boosters are available as well, 2 months after the first shot for eligible patients based on CDC guidelines. Walk-ins are welcome Monday thru Friday between 11am to 5pm and Saturday 11am to 1pm. In-store pediatric vaccine appointments are NOW available, and appointments will be required. We will NOT provide walk-in pediatric vaccinations.     


Q:  Who is Eligible for BivalentBooster Shot?
A: Pfizer booster shots are available for age 12 and up and Moderna bivalent booster shots are available for 18 and up. Both shot are available 2 months after your latest COVID-19 Vaccine dose. 
Q:  Can I mix and match between Pfizer and Moderna? 
A: It’s OK to mix and match as long as you’re eligible for the vaccine you prefer. All of the data that previously showed there were no big differences between those who mixed and matched and those who didn’t still applies. 
Q:  What is the different between the NEW bivalent vaccines and the previous monovalent?
A: the original strain from Wuhan, and the current predominant subvariant of Omnicron, BA5 and BA4.
Q:  I received my first dose from a different vaccinator.  Can I sign up for a second dose or booster with The Medicine Shoppe of Shillington?
A:  Yes, you may sign up for a 2nd dose or booster shot at our pharmacy even if you have not received any previous dose from us.