Covid Vaccine Update:
Our pharmacy staff has been working very hard to get everything situated when it comes to COVID vaccine. We even exhausted our own resources to get everything ready. We trained our staff (7 plus vaccinators) , we rented a clinic, we created a sign up sheet (50 plus volunteers), yet the state has been allocating us 1/10th of the request. This week they are sending us ZERO vaccine doses.
Week 1: 1/21 100 shots received – 1/23 100 shots administered
Week 2: 1/27 200/1,000 shots received – 1/29 206 shots administered (7 bonus)
week3: 2/2 100/1,000 shots received – 2/4 106 shots administered (6 bonus)
We are trying our best to help out as many people as possible, but not getting supplies from the state hinders us. We are attaching the email we received today. Please call the Department of State with any questions. We will be transparent and keep you guys updated on this facebook page and on our website.
We apologies for any inconvenience.

Due to overwhelming demand and indefinite supply dates, we are unfortunately not able to receive new covid-19 vaccination requests at this time. We understand the urgency of the current situation and the difficulty of finding available vaccination openings. We would love to provide vaccination for everyone who is searching for it, but unfortunately at this time we are limited by supplies arriving from the state. We need your help! Please do NOT CALL, but please DO continue to check our website and follow us our facebook page for updates. This will enable us to dedicate more time to planning and administering more shots in the future.

Also, read the PA Department of Health Guidelines on the phases of Vaccine Distribution. Remember that you are required to complete the Vaccine Request Form. Proceed below.

Click here to download Vaccination Form Fill out only if you have an appointment booked.

Click here to download Vaccine Recipient Fact Sheet